The years of hurt, and the pain of reliving it all has reached boiling point for Aaron. Having played out his dad’s evil deeds in court, revealing the sexual abuse he suffered from Gordon, it’s time for the verdict. It’s a huge moment for Aaron, who is overcome when he learns his awful father has been found guilty on all counts!

Elsewhere, Rhona and Paddy are in social media hell as the nasty jibes keeping flooding in on their vets’ practice website. Rhona makes a call and arranges to meet their troll. As she heads towards a barn, she’s being watched and is clearly in danger…

Desperate to keep his son Leo in the village, Marlon urges Paddy to come clean to Rhona and admit he doesn’t want to go to Germany to make a fresh start. Lisa’s disgusted when she finds out Zak has made off with their belongings, while Joanne panics when she realises her engagement ring has gone missing.