Peggy is stunned by Stacey’s revelation and threatens to go to the police. Stacey runs down to the bar to find Ryan and drags him into the toilets in an attempt to tell him the truth about Bradley. Pat finds them together and tells Ryan to get back to his wife and slaps Stacey, who breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Billy tries to stop Phil escaping, but he splinters the door with a crowbar. Peggy confronts Phil in the hallway and he smashes a bottle and dares Peggy to deny she loves the Vic more than him. When Peggy hesitates a furious Phil threatens to burn down the pub. Phil strikes a match and throws it to the floor. The flames quickly spread and everyone rushes for the exit as the Vic fills with smoke.

Phil raids the till and he is trapped by a falling timber. Stacey emerges from the toilets and battles upstairs to get to Lily. Ryan finds a ladder and rescues Lily and Stacey from a window while Billy and Peggy free Phil and drag him outside as the pub explodes. Stacey turns to Ryan and blurts out that Lily is his daughter. The fire brigade arrives, but Peggy tells them to let the pub burn…

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