Max is appalled that OB still has doubts about Simon’s guilt and bitterly questions him for taking Simon’s side. OB, however, is unimpressed at Max’s thuggish behaviour. But they both get a surprise when Simon’s wife arrives and explains why he’s been acting so strangely…

Meanwhile, Jack is furious with Gilly for breaking into Simon’s house. But Gilly and Jake get angry when Jack serves Simon at the Dog. Simon angrily points out the lack of evidence against him, but feels increasingly self conscious as he walks through the village, and ends up running away as an angry mob forms.

Having learned the truth about Simon, Max, Gemma and OB fear for his safety after their false accusations. They rush to Simon’s house, but is it too late?

Tina is disgusted to find the college is advertising for her replacement, as Jacqui tries to reassure her that Pete will get his comeuppance. Later, Pete sees Tina clearing out her desk, and boasts he already has her replacement lined up. And Tina is stunned when she learns it’s none other than Jacqui.

Also, Summer is annoyed and astonished when Tony slates her performance in the show, before he unashamedly recalls the gushing press reviews of his past performance in a local production.