The villagers remember Viv

The anger and bitterness created by Viv and Terry’s deaths is still very much alive and can be felt when the villagers gather for an informal farewell to Viv, who is being buried in London. Viv was Marlon’s former mother-in-law yet he can still find a few good words to say about her. In fact, Viv rubbed all the villagers up the wrong way at some time yet they’re all going to miss her, the tragi-comic shop owner who often went so wrong as she tried so hard to get her life right. The villagers comfort each other as they share their memories but, thanks to Henshall, they still don’t want to share their grief with Andy or Carl.

It’s surprising, really, that Henshall has had the time to steer the suspicious minds of Emmerdale towards Andy and Carl as he spends so much time chasing Katie. But then Henshall knows there’s no arsonist to catch because he set the fire.

Pearl’s got a new admirer in Dermot. They’re not likely to double-date with Katie and Henshall, but Turner’s still not at all happy to have a rival for Pearl’s companionship.