The Walkers arrive in Summer Bay

Sid and Jody Walker, with their kids Indigo and Dexter, arrive in the Bay. The kids aren’t happy – their parents’ constant fighting is bad enough without their lives being uprooted. Having moved here to get over Sid’s philandering, Jody is shocked to find texts from other women. She storms off. Jody meets Leah and opens up to her about Sid.

Dexter and Indigo meet Xavier who takes an instant liking to Indigo. She’s not interested. Jody tells Sid she’s returning to the city and leaving Sid with the kids. Sid explains this to Dexter and Indigo. They’re disgusted by him.

Trey has been lurking around, calling his mother from the pay phone. He calls the hospital enquiring about John Palmer and asks what room he’s in.

Rachel prepares to face the hospital board over Jane and Rex’s threat to sue. Tony isn’t sure she’s up to it right now, having just given birth. During the meeting, she is distracted by Harry crying in the hallway and stops to feed him. Tony sees the stress Rachel is under, and speaks to Rex about dropping the case. But the talk does more harm than good. Rachel may lose her job and her career.