The Walkers return to the Bay

Sid is taken aback by his kids’ arrival, but glad they want to come with him – though Indi is far keener than Dex. They head to the Bay but their car breaks down and they need a tow truck. Is it a bad omen?

Nicole and Penn are kissing on the couch when Miles comes down. Penn leaves and Miles says he’s worried for Nicole, but she brushes his concern aside. Miles catches Penn at school with Nicole and berates them, to Nicole’s embarrassment. She apologises to Penn, and again tells Miles not to worry. He warns her to enter the relationship with her eyes open. Nicole is completely thrown later when Sid walks into the Surf Club. She doesn’t know what to do.

Colleen has written a letter to the paper criticising Marilyn’s fortune-telling business and Marilyn is hurt. Miles is upset for Marilyn and tries to talk Colleen round, but she isn’t interested in listening. Worked up, he lets it slip that Marilyn is dying, which stops Colleen dead. She goes to see Marilyn and apologises, but when Marilyn finds out why, she is angry with Miles. He had no right to do what he did.

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