Sybil and Branson run away together, but Mary and Edith are in hot pursuit and convince Sybil to go back home with them, although she vows she will stay true to Branson.

Matthew discovers that he can stand again and he begins his road to recovery, but when Violet tries to convince him to win Mary back, he insists that he has a duty to Lavinia.

Carlisle wants Anna to discover more about Mary and report back to him and he will pay her for spying on her mistress, but she turns him down and informs Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson and an angry Mary soon finds out.

Major Bryant’s parents visit Downton because they want to see where their late son convalesced. Ethel comes to meet them with baby Charlie, but Bryant’s angry father rejects them.

Bates becomes increasingly anxious about Vera’s death when a letter emerges that claims she feared for her life and he tells Anna that he bought the rat poison with which Vera killed herself.

Robert is deeply ashamed after he kisses Jane, but he refuses her resignation.
Thomas begins working on the black market but he is cheated and loses all his money.