Rosie tells Bill that John tried to grab her. Bill takes her home, leaving John feeling helpless. Roy advises him to tell Fiz about what happened. John is anxious that she might not believe his version of events but Fiz is fully supportive.

Rosie desperately tries to stop her mum from reporting John to the police but Sally’s insistent. In the motel, Kevin and Molly’s bliss is interrupted when Sally calls and Kevin dashes off. The police arrive at Number 5 and arrest John on suspicion of assault. Janice comforts Fiz as he is taken away and a guilty Rosie watches.

Liz decides to take revenge, and puts one of his beloved vinyl records in the oven! Lloyd finds a note saying she’s kidnapped the rest and to his horror starts throwing them out of the window. Lloyd begs Teresa to apologise and Teresa agrees, on condition that Lloyd proposes to her in front of Liz. As Teresa apologises to Liz, Lloyd drops to his knees and proposes.

Also; Emily pays Eddie £10 for clearing her guttering; Bernie tells Dev about Steve’s tuition and Dev asks her to hinder Steve’s progress; A drunk Claire sets off home, but is angry to notice that Becky has torn the skirt she loaned her.

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