Kevin goes to visit a beaten-up Deano with Carly and Shirley and he tries to bolster Deano’s spirits by promising to take him on a round-the-world trip as soon as he’s out of jail. Later, Phil delivers another car to the car lot. A panicked Darren attempts to put off customer Pc Morris but Kevin is furious and proceeds with the sale. Darren is forced to confess that the cars from Phil are nicked.

Billy struggles to cope with his two jobs, but he avoids telling Honey what he’s up to. Honey is worried when she picks up an answerphone message for Billy from a woman called Delia and she later hears them arranging to meet up. Honey follows Billy when he goes off with Delia. Honey is relieved when she realises that Billy is just going to his second job – selling Christmas trees dressed as an elf!

Ian tries to give Bradley the CCTV tape that shows Steven smashing up his own stall, but Steven swiftly grabs it and destroys it. Bradley thinks up ways to make Steven abide by the market rules but Steven manages to get one over on him. Ian is angry that Steven is still on the stall.

Also, Carly is miffed when Dawn blanks her.

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