Brad is shattered to learn his parents’ marriage is on such shaky ground, especially when Doug has just being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. With support from Terese, Brad encourages them to stay together. Terese suggests Pam and Doug move in with them and Pam and Doug agree to give it a go.

Sonya queries Toadie about Sheila’s warning, but Toadie vehemently defends Naomi, claiming that Sheila has never forgiven Naomi for having an affair with a married man.

Meanwhile, Imogen decides to track down the cause of the juice bar sabotage and when she discovers it wasn’t Naomi fault, Sonya feels guilty. She also tells Sheila to stop judging Naomi by her past actions. But just as Sheila’s reassessing her opinion, Naomi finds herself falling for Toadie.

When Paul hears that Brennan has illegally obtained copies of all the police files pertaining to Kate’s case, he calls the police. But luckily for Brennan, a besotted Imogen hides the files until the search is over. But Paul returns again later that night, this time with news that he has some new evidence. It seems that Brennan’s ex-girlfriend, Sienna, gave a false alibi and was at Lassiters around the time of Kate’s death.