The Willis’s reel from Brad’s confession

Brad wants to come clean to the rest of the kids and reminds Lauren of his declaration of love at the hospital. It’s a small window of happiness before Brad comes clean with Josh and Piper. Josh understands but Piper blames him for Terese’s predicament. Later, she breaks down with Terese and confides that she was terrified of losing her mother.

Belinda proves that she didn’t frame Steph for starting the fire. Later, Steph tells Toadie the truth about her relationship with Belinda, and he is taken aback by the revelation. Belinda misreads the closeness between Toadie and Steph and accuses Steph of staying in Erinsborough for him, prompting an argument that could end their relationship.

Paul panics when he sees the front page expose of his private email. He offers cash for the return of his hard drive, but Aaron pushes Nate to find more dirt on Paul. An angry Daniel walks in on their discussion, but is later instrumental in uncovering Paul’s masterplan.