Faye’s visit to the Windasses gets off to a bad start. They’re both excited, but Faye’s subdued as she arrives for her overnight stay, and a nervous Anna and Eddie are unsure how to handle the situation.

Dev starts to panic when his financial woes are exposed and realises it’s time he told Sunita. Meanwhile, Steve‘s having money troubles of his own; he’s bogged down with debts and is embarrassed when he’s forced to tell Lloyd he can’t repay Streetcars yet. Later, it’s tense when Becky and Cheryl then insist on a night out at the casino.

Dev’s still trying to figure out his financial predicament – he’s been refused a loan and Owen is chasing for payment on refurbishing the shop. Sunita’s confused, presuming the insurance would cover the rebuild, but Dev has some shocking news for her.

Nick’s shattered as the Barlows mend the broken relationships in their family. He drowns his sorrows knowing he’s lost Leanne for good. He feels it’s time he planned to get out of Weatherfield for ever.

Also. Julie decides Tyrone needs her help.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Dev drowns his sorrows in the pub he shamefully admits his insurance mistake to Steve and the fact he’s broke. When he mentions the money lost in the looting the guilt hammers into Steve and he feels like a loser. At the casino Steve’s distracted by Dev’s plight but wins big, walking away with 5,000 pounds. Becky’s on a high and Lloyd’s pleased Steve will now be able to repay Streetcars, but pulling Lloyd into the back he explains there’s something else he needs to do with the money.

Anna’s upset by Faye’s sulky attitude as she fails to break the ice and make her feel at home. It’s not until Gary arrives and helps out his struggling parents that she starts to relax, leaving Anna worried she’s not cut out for adoption.

Julie’s on a mission to sort out Tyrone‘s life. She’s busying herself at his house doing his chores and cooking his dinner. When she brings out the self-help books he starts to realise what he’s let himself in for, but as the drink flows he gives up arguing.

Also, Gail and Audrey try to persuade Nick to stay on in the street.

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