While it appeared Missy and Clara were killed by Daleks last week, in the warped but wondrous world of Doctor Who things are never as they seem and you couldn’t keep a bad lady like Missy dead for long! In a previous incarnation Missy was The Master, the Doctor’s great Time Lord enemy, so had plenty of tricks up her sleeve and, in this week’s second episode The Witch’s Familiar, you saw from the start that Missy transported herself and Clara away just before the Dalek lasers hit!

Both women found themselves in the desert wilderness on the Daleks’ home planet Skaro. Former enemies Clara and Missy decided to team up to get back inside Dalek city and rescue the Doctor who was surrounded by the deadly Daleks, and he had no sonic screwdriver or TARDIS at his disposal. Clara knew Missy is her only hope of getting to the Doctor, and was persuaded by Missy to sit inside a Dalek in order to trick their way into the heart of the evil empire.


As the pair attempted to get inside the dangerous city, the Doctor was having a confrontation with dying Davros, the evil genius who created the Daleks, and who the Doctor met as a terrified boy in last week’s episode The Magician’s Apprentice. Davros played with the Doctor’s emotions to help a dying man, but of course the cruel scientist tricked the Time Lord. All Davros wanted was the Doctor’s regeneration powers, but luckily with the help of his new ‘sonic sunglasses’ the Doctor managed to trick both Davros and the Daleks and fool their plans… The Clarafied Dalek also helped, by showing a bit of ‘mercy’ – unthinkable for a Dalek.

At the end of the adventure, we caught up again with the Doctor’s dilemma about rescuing the boy Davros from certain death in a minefield. Of course, he showed mercy, something Davros couldn’t help slipping subconsciously into his creations. There was a streak of humanity in the Daleks after all…