Hugh Jackman claws his way through the action in this exciting standalone adventure for his X-Men favourite.

Decades after surviving the 1945 nuclear bombing of Nagasaki as an America PoW, Jackman’s Wolverine, aka James Logan, goes back to Japan and ends up on the run with a billionaire industrialist’s granddaughter, fending off hordes of Yakuza gangsters and ninja warriors at almost every turn.

With one standout scene taking place atop a hurtling bullet train, the scenes of combat and flight are terrific, though the action does get overly protracted towards the end when the hero goes toe to toe with a giant robot.

The film’s two female leads are both superb, with Tao Okamoto’s heiress proving a beguiling love interest and Rila Fukushima’s ninja  making a captivating foil for Jackman’s bewhiskered battler.