The world’s eight richest men are kidnapped

The Bendorf group – made up of the eight richest men in the world – is meeting on British soil and Section D need to find out what is being planned. Ros is sent undercover and attends the meeting, but what should be a routine operation becomes a life or death situation when a group of armed terrorists take everyone hostage.

The hostages are held in an underground bunker – there’s only one way out and it’s rigged with explosives. The leader of the terrorists, Finn Lambert, puts Thomas Mickelson from the Bendorf group on trial and broadcasts it live to the world online. Lambert produces damming evidence of Mickelson’s alleged crimes before inviting the public to vote on the outcome of the trial. The verdict is a resounding ‘guilty’ and the team wait nervously to see what Lambert will do next.

Section D has to stop him and it seems their only hope is if Ros can persuade Lambert’s girlfriend, Nina, to help her, but as things start to go her way the tables suddenly turn leaving one of Section D in an impossible situation.

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