Mark and Natasha are stunned when daughter Maisie (Alice Coulthard) makes an appearance at the party with their son Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne). Maisie is evasive about what she’s been up to then she drags Andy in from outside the house and snogs him! Mark and Nathan break the pair up and Nathan angrily reveals that Maisie is married to his best friend. Maisie tells her parents she’s split from her husband and is never going back.

Gennie is pleased when Paddy agrees to take her to the Wyldes’ party, but things don’t go well. Paddy is jealous when he sees Chas helping Marlon with the food service. He abandons Gennie when he overhears Belle talking about Brenda and Terry kissing and assuming she’s talking about Marlon and Chas. Paddy finds Chas and Marlon in the kitchen and starts a food fight before Nicola kicks them out!

Eli is in big trouble when the Dingles find out that he dropped Debbie in it. A furious Zak comes looking for him at Tall Trees and Eli does a runner. Zak returns to the homestead and cracks as the realisation that Debbie could face life imprisonment hits him. Eli takes refuge in the cricket pavilion as darkness falls, his life in tatters.

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