The Wylde Tormentor

*Hour-long episode*

The Wylde Tormentor is having a lot of fun with the Wylde bunch… and isn’t done yet. Mark’s dry-cleaning is sent to Declan’s house (he’s been dead for months – how bad is this service???) – and Declan thinks Nathan is playing games. But Natasha stuns him when she stands by her evil son. Frustrated, Declan issues Natasha with an ultimatum: tell him the truth or they’re finished!

Life at Mill Cottage is not a bundle of laughs, either… Chas got rid of the Nicola problem by throwing her out, but the Shadrach-shaped problem is still very present. Carl knows what he’d like to do to the old goat, but Shadders is Chas’s father and getting rid of him isn’t simple. It’s not mission impossible, either, though…

There is some joy to be found in the village, though, and it’s in Marlon’s heart. The pub chef has developed a huge appetite for Rhona and is thrilled when she agrees to go out to dinner with him. Being the romantic that he is, Marlon decides to make the setting for their meal a surprise… Let’s hope it’s something more inventive than The Woolpack for one of his specials…

Later, there’s no passion between Maisie and Nikhil – but it’s not for lack of trying on Maisie’s part. She’s a girl who’s used to getting her own way and can’t understand why Nikhil doesn’t want to spend the night with her. Doesn’t he like girls? Charming Charlie loves ’em and Diane loves Charlie. But dull Doug is still being a sore loser…

Thinking nasty Nathan is the one with the secret, The Tormentor starts toying with him, sneaking a note onto his car windscreen, which reads: ‘What are you hiding?’. What indeed… That smug smirk is wiped right off Nathan’s face when he reads the note, but what will he do? What can he do – besides tell everyone that his mum killed his dad and the body’s in the woods? But will he do that?

Marlon isn’t enjoying himself nearly as much as he hoped on his dinner date with Rhona. It’s a runaway disaster when he runs over Shadrach. The deadbeat Dingle has been kicked out by Carl and walks right in front of Marlon’s car. Shadders is out cold! That’s a passion-killer, for sure!

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