The Emmerdale villagers are gorging on the sordid details of Mark’s bigamous marriage, secret son and general degeneracy. Well, they are pretty tasty pieces of gossip… But the locals don’t know Mark’s dead, just missing. Imagine the feeding frenzy when they find out he’s been murdered!

Meanwhile, under the public gaze, Faye tries to reconcile with a very angry Ryan, who turns to Katie for comfort and a roof over his head. That upsets Maisie, the half-sister he dumped Katie for before he knew they were related. Surely Maisie doesn’t still want to know Ryan in the biblical sense…

Psycho Sally definitely still wants Ashley and is going to get that crazy look in her eyes when she hears he has taken Diane’s advice and is having a break from the church to move closer to Laurel. Diane encouraged Ashley to move out of Emmerdale? She’d better not bump into Sally on a dark night…

Nikhil and Jai should think twice before angering Charity. After all, she has Cain dragging his knuckles along the ground behind her. But when they sack her for insubordination, Cain’s amused, not angry. Debbie’s angry enough for both of them, though. She thinks Charity’s up to no good. Surely not!

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