Leaving their good-for-nothing menfolk behind, Thelma and Louise (Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon) jump into their convertible and head off for a weekend away. However, their carefree vacation quickly turns sour when Louise shoots a man to protect Thelma.

From then on, we’re into a different kind of road movie altogether, as the two women go on the run, leaving a robbed store, an exploding petrol tanker and assorted skidding cop cars struggling in their wake – not to mention Harvey Kietel’s police chief and Brad Pitt’s drifter.

An exuberant comedy-drama in which the gals get to express themselves and the guys get what they deserve, director Ridley Scott’s landmark feminist fable combines two faultless central performances, acres of spectacular desert scenery (note especially the extraordinary chase sequence in which the helicopter is flying below the level of the car) and a witty script that speeds, swerves and switches gear with aplomb.