Milo gets a mysterious phonecall from an unknown number and arranges to meet up with the caller. Meanwhile Cindy is taken aback when a stranger called Theo arrives in Chester and tries his luck on with her. Later on Milo meets up with Theo, under the cover of darkness. Who is the mysterious Theo and what is his connection to Milo?

Elsewhere, Mandy and Luke are shocked to find Luke’s ex, Scarlett, back in the village and even more alarmed when Scarlett tells them that Ollie begged for her to come and take him home.

What does trouble-making Scarlett really want and are things about to go horribly wrong for newlyweds Mandy and Luke?

Plus Brody does his best to comfort Damon following his split with Holly. Buster intervenes and tells his son he’s taking him to The Loft where he gives him the challenge of chatting up the first woman to walk in the bar.

So how will Damon react when it’s Cindy and Holly who come striding in?