Sheila invents a charity bingo night with a unique twist, hiring a male dancer to shimmy around the bar whenever ‘bingo’ is called. Unfortunately, Tyler and Brennan are forced to join in when they realise the identity of the male dancer is their brother, Aaron!

Reeling in the wake of Brad’s revelation that Matt and Sharon kissed, Lauren tracks down Sharon, who warns her to be wary of Terese’s motives in keeping the truth from her. Paige backs up Sharon’s assessment of Terese: she is not Lauren’s friend and all she cares about is keeping her away from Brad. Confronted by Lauren again, Terese admits that she did act to protect her marriage.

When the Dimato investigation is shelved, Brennan is left frustrated and asks Tyler if he can convince his boss, Stubbsy, to set up a security camera at the garage. Having invented ‘Stubbsy’ to cover Dimato’s ownership of the garage, Tyler panics but Paige convinces Brennan to back off. Tyler’s grateful, especially when Brennan promises to stay out of his brother’s business.