Moira is on edge after the slaughter of several of her cows at the farm, knowing menacing Maxine is behind the crime. But Cain and Aaron decide enough is enough and take matters into their own hands to try and put a stop to Maxine’s protection racket. But what do the pair have in store for Maxine? Unfortunately, there’s another fright in store for Moira, when she catches a hooded figure lurking in the kitchen at the farm. But after whacking the intruder over the head, Moira’s shocked to discover who it is – Ross! But what’s the bad boy doing back in the village? And can he make amends with his family for all the trouble he’s caused?

Elsewhere, the fireworks have been flying between Ali and Ruby in the aftermath of the pregnancy scare. It looks like the couple are ready to split for good, unless family friend, Kerry can work her magic and find a way to get the couple back together. It looks promising when Ruby pours out her heart to Ali…

Katie suggests to Andy that she moves her stables back to Home Farm, and she’s delighted when Lawrence agrees to the idea.