There’s a new ‘bad boy’ in town

John chases a young thief on the beach but he gets away and, later, VJ’s shirt is stolen from his bag. Then, when VJ turns up with a bloody nose, Leah rushes him to Gina’s office where he explains he’s been hit by a boy wearing the stolen shirt. The following day, Gina meets new student Jett James and welcomes him to the school, but VJ identifies him as the boy who’d hit him.

Mel assumes that Roo is only sticking by Harvey because he’s used their son’s death to make her feel sorry for him, but he explains she doesn’t know about it, unaware that Sid has already told her. When he discovers the truth, Harvey is furious and wants nothing to do with Roo, even when he’s carted off to the police station to be interviewed over the election fraud.

Dex is confused by April’s admission that she wants him back and, when she asks him to let her know where she stands, he explains he wants to be with someone straightforward and honest and can’t forgive her for faking her ankle injury. In the meantime, the friendship between Dex and Lottie is deepening.