It’s the start of Year 11’s work experience, and acting head Jack Rimmer wants the pupils of Waterloo Road to make a good impression. But when a manager’s purse goes missing, the teens are sent back to school to face Jack’s wrath – and everyone’s pointing at light-fingered Maxine.

When the governors advertise the post of permanent head teacher at Waterloo Road, Jack submits a formal application. Jack assumes his charm will see him through – but Andrew’s not sure Jack’s got what it takes to impress the panel of suits.

Lorna’s MS symptoms are getting worse but she’s determined to carry on as normal until she officially leaves Waterloo Road. Tom suggests that the two of them have a night out, and Lorna’s delighted. She throws her pills away and makes a move on Tom.

Also, Stacey hatches a plan to make a mother-figure of Kim; Chlo begins to suspect that Donte is only after one thing and, after weeks of flirting, Mika and Brett finally become an item.