Tom rents a rehearsal space for the band to practice but Lynette gets suspicious when the beautiful rental agent, Anne, becomes a frequent visitor. It’s not Tom who’s meeting her, however, it’s Porter, and when his father catches him there, Porter sneaks Anne out the back way – only for Lynette to see her and come to all the wrong conclusions!

Carlos’s wealthy client, Mrs Hildebrand, offers to take him to Europe for two months and pay him $100,000 but Carlos turns the offer down, much to his wife’s dismay. Then Gabrielle discovers the reason for Mrs Hildebrand’s generosity…

Susan wants to make up with Jackson and, turning up at his apartment, she decides to surprise him as he’s having a shower. But Susan’s alarmed to find that the person in the shower is not Jackson after all.

Meanwhile, Katherine tells Bree she’s lonely, so Bree sets her up with Peter, Orson’s college roommate. Then she discovers that Peter was actually Orson’s cellmate in prison!

Also, Dave tells Edie that his brother died in prison at the hands of another inmate, and Karen McCluskey asks her sister Roberta to dig around into Dave’s past.