Edna’s convinced that Carl’s kids Thomas and Anya are wrong ‘uns and won’t even let the little girl stroke her beloved Tootsie. When Tootsie later goes missing, Edna’s sure Thomas and Anya are to blame. Are they? That’s not the only mystery to hit the village… Laurel gets home and finds the door to the vicarage open. She thinks Ashley’s dad Sandy is to blame. Is he?

Debbie has done all her thinking and is ready to leave Emmerdale. Her mum and dad want her to stay but her mind is made up. Andy would like her to stay, too, so that he can be close to Sarah. But he has accepted Debbie’s reasons for leaving and drives her and Sarah to the airport.

Lisa is also thinking about her future. She’s had a letter from the solicitors and can’t escape the very real prospect of being sentenced to prison. Still, at least she’ll be somewhere that’s safe from the destructive force that is Shadrach. Meanwhile, Jimmy wouldn’t mind being in a nice, quiet prison cell when Carl and Nicola argue about Carl’s approach to fatherhood. And Leyla wants somewhere else to live – alone with David.

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