Mrs McCluskey has spread the word about Art, so the parents won’t let him anywhere near their children when he shows up dressed as Santa Claus at the holiday block party. Lynette arranges a meeting with all the mothers when Art’s disabled sister, Rebecca, wheels herself over to tell Lynette that everyone’s treating Art like a pariah because of her.

Lynette’s alarmed to find the mothers making anti-paedophile signs for a protest outside Art’s house. An ambulance arrives and they find out Rebecca has had a heart attack.

Later, she finds Art packing. She heard on the news that Rebecca died and she’s feeling incredibly guilty. To her surprise, he thanks her… now that she’s dead, he’s free to do whatever he wants in a new town where no one knows him. Lynette is horrified.

Gabrielle wants to dump an untalented girl named Amy from her beauty pageant contestants, but then she sees her handsome father Bill she offers to give Amy private tutoring instead.

Ian wants his parents to meet Susan and for her to make dinner for them, but she confesses she’s a horrible cook. Still, he makes her promise to make them a nice roast.

Edie visits Mike in jail to let him know that she’s dumping him. Susan is his next visitor. She tells him she knows he’s innocent, even if he doesn’t know that for sure himself. And she starts doing some serious detective work on her suspect, Orson.

But then, to complicate matters further, Orson’s long-disappeared wife Alma turns up!