Paulie has won on a race and wants to keep betting. But his ‘let it ride’ system fails. He tries to carry on gambling but Angelo doesn’t let him. Charlie spots a pickpocket while she’s modelling at the racecourse fashion contest and chases him, before she finishes her strut on the catwalk. She ends up winning Fashion in the Field but isn’t in a very celebratory mood after she discovers the real reason Paulie and Angelo are there…

Romeo is overwhelmed by Indi’s confession. He can’t say it back and Indi takes this badly. She tries to assure him everything will be OK but he’s not himself. Indi is wracked with worry – she can’t eat and finding out Sid has bought the farm for them to live in is the last thing she needs. She meets up with Romeo, who has heartbreaking news for her.

Mitzy is worried she’s ruined everything in the bay. Marilyn denies this and tells Mitzy she is still glad she came. Mitzy has something to tell Marilyn but decides she needs to wait until the time’s right. A box arrives for Alf – it’s the photos he took down from his room and threw out. He’s shaken. Is Penn trying to drive him crazy?

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