There’s little festive cheer for Edward

Serena and Edward arrive at work full of festive romance after rekindling their relationship, but Mary-Claire’s annoyed he’s still trying to discredit her fearing Serena will find out about their recent affair and she puts him in a position where he’s forced to confess all. Later, the disgruntled nurse decides she’s not going to be blamed for his mistakes any longer and makes a complaint – but will she be believed?

Elsewhere, Harry helps honour a dying man’s wish to give his kids the perfect Christmas, while Arthur deals with an unusual case involving a man who’s overindulged in Brussels Sprouts. Later, with Zosia refusing to let her dad Guy back into her life, Arthur tries to give his new flatmate a Christmas to remember following her mother’s death.

Also, Mr Thompson delights the staff and patients in his Christmas elf outfit, and by the end of the day it looks like romance could be on the cards…