There’s lots of love in Letherbridge

Rowly whisks Julia off for a picnic, but she’s oblivious to his romantic advances. Julia eventually notices and dismisses it when Rowly comes over a little camp. But later, when Rowly kisses Julia, she pulls away and rushes off to bed. And when Rowly gently calls her name outside her bedroom door, Julia is spooked – what’s going on?

Meanwhile, Zara and Daniel have a meeting over a difference of opinion about a patient’s treatment. Tension builds throughout the meeting and climaxes in a passionate kiss which is interrupted by Karen. Later, Daniel arrives on Zara’s doorstep to finish what they started…

Also, Heston’s not impressed with Cherry’s pink cocktail dress for Friday’s soiree, so takes it back to shop with her to pick something more suitable.

And Rob discovers a killer in Letherbridge and is shocked to learn that Karen could be their next target!

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