Paulie Rosetta has arrived in the Bay and is laying on the charm. Angelo’s far from pleased to see him. Paulie boasts about having two restaurants and wanting to expand, but Angelo’s not interested.

Charlie asks Angelo what’s wrong – she thought everything from his childhood was settled. Paulie eventually confesses he’s in big trouble and needs Angelo’s help. This is what Angelo was afraid of.

Liam and Bianca are still on library duty, and she’s shocked to see him reading a book. It’s ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’. She guesses he chose it because it’s set in Italy and she’s Italian, but he gets annoyed and asks why she thinks everything is about her.

Bianca apologises, and he admits that he was reading the book to work out why Italian men have such a hold on her, given she’s the strongest, most amazing woman he’s ever met. Bianca kisses him. They try to focus on work, but as the night draws in, they end up entwined on the library floor…

Romeo and Indi spend the evening together. They try to busy themselves with studying and cooking. But soon, each little touch is too much to bear and they kiss. They quickly pull apart when Sid and Marilyn arrive home.

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