Elena tells Ruth that she needs to see Harry, but Ruth tells her that it is impossible as he’s now on his way to the USA, but she says that hundreds of lives are in danger.

Ruth, Erin, Dimitri and Cal hatch a plan to directly extract Harry on his way to the air base. Erin and Dimitri successfully extract Harry, who then meets Elena and Sasha – who reveals that he knows Harry is his father.

Elena then reveals to Harry that she knows of an attack planned on London in the next few hours, and that it will result in hundreds of deaths. But everything is not as it seems, and after more interrogation, Elena reveals that she was a spy before she’d even met Harry, and that he wasn’t recruiting her – she was recruiting him.

Meanwhile, Harry had ordered a passenger plane from Russia to be shot down, fearing it was to be involved in a terrorist attack. But Elena has duped Harry again. It’s all a plot to sever the ties between Russia and the UK. At the last minute, the plan is aborted, as Ilya Gavrik tells the Home Secretary that there is no terror plot – it was all a ruse to have the Brits shoot down a plane unnecessarily.

Alone in the room with Elena, Ilya snaps and strangles his lying wife. She dies in front of her son Sasha, who then learns that Harry is not his father at all – it was just another lie from Elena.

Angered, he goes in search of Harry with a shard of glass. He finds Harry and Ruth together, talking about their future and leaving the service. Enraged, Sasha accidentally stabs Ruth, and she dies in Harry’s arms.