VJ is devastated. Elijah’s back, which should be great news, but his marriage has turned everything sour. Leah takes VJ to see Elijah so that he can hear the truth, and perhaps get some understanding as to what Elijah was thinking. Although reluctant, Elijah talks to VJ and they agree to still be friends.

Charlie is after the River Boys again – a window was broken at the Surf Club in the middle of the night. She speaks to Brax, who as usual denies any River Boy involvement in the vandalism. After some investigation, the real culprit is revealed and, once again, Charlie has to apologise to Brax and the River Boys.

Colleen is determined to keep a stiff upper lip in light of the River Boys’ ‘invasion’. She takes Brodie to task for all the River Boys’ obnoxious behaviour and kicks him and another gang member out of the Diner. After this, she goes to speak to Charlie regarding the incident. She reckons she was threatened.

Later, Brodie goes to apologise but Colleen wants nothing to do with him. Brodie’s at the end of his tether and drives off in Colleen’s caravan… with her still in it!

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