There’s no way out for Calvin

Aware that Warren wants to bury Nige’s body, Calvin tries to avoid him. As Sasha gets her latest dose of methadone, she thanks Calvin for being there for her and says how glad she is that Nige is out of her life. Calvin almost confesses to killing Nige, but can’t bring himself to do it.

Later, Warren finds Calvin in the village, furious that he missed their appointment. Calvin says he’s on his way to confess to the murder, but Warren reveals he’s already buried Nige’s body, so they’re in this together. Calvin is left devastated as he realises there is no way out.

After being dragged in to help Mandy with planning Carmel‘s wedding, Louise tries to compete with Mandy over ideas for the do, but Mandy always manages to get the upper hand. Louise begins to resent her new business partner when Warren points out that Mandy is a shrewd businesswoman and suggests Louise stop drinking if she wants to match her success.

Despite Ravi’s reassurances, Nancy is nervous about telling her friends that they are now an item. Later, she is devastated to receive a letter from Cafcass recommending that Charlie lives with Frankie.

Also, Kris and Malachy agree to an interesting contest.

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