There’s shocking news for Leah!

Thabo comes out of surgery. In light of everything he’s been through, Elijah and Grace have a lot to think about. What will their future hold, and do they want to stay in the Bay now that Thabo’s had his treatment?

Elijah goes to see Leah and she is shocked when he tells her that Grace and Thabo have decided to return to Africa. If she wants him, he’s free to be with her. Leah is taking the news in when tragedy strikes…

Roo is back in Summer Bay, and this time she’s here to stay. But she finds that things aren’t quite as she expected. She’s told she will have to live in the caravan until she can make her own housing arrangements. When she goes to Angelo’s launch party, she tries to cheer herself up and get the party started. But do people want to party with her?

Angelo is busy with the launch of his revamped restaurant. He is stressed out, and concerned that he is getting in deeper with Brax. But when the party begins, it seems that Brax’s idea to introduce a pizza menu seems to have worked. Is being in business with Brax such a bad thing?

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