There’s something about Harry

Harry has spent the day trying to avoid phone calls from his ex-wife Clarissa, but is caught out when she turns up in Weatherfield looking for him. Clarissa explains that her driving licence has been taken away from her after a traffic offence and she expects her ex to sort her out alternative transport. Harry is irritated by Clarissa’s request and is more intent on sorting out a date with Liz.

Sally is excited about moving into the Peacocks’ and starts planning the decor for their new home.

Kevin urges caution and reminds her that the house is not theirs yet. Kevin may have a point as Claire tells Ashley she thinks their house has been undervalued and she announces she is going to ask the Websters for more money. Sally is not best pleased.

Michelle has returned from her trip to Ireland with Alex, and Steve and Ryan are pleased to see her. Michelle, however is less than impressed when she discovers Leanne working behind the bar!

Also, Becky is still avoiding Jason; Molly wants to remove the Duckworths’ stone cladding, but Tyrone insists that they consult with Jack first to avoid upsetting him.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz plots to go round to Harry’s and lies to Steve that she needs to help out Deirdre with something. Liz gets dressed to the nines and turns up at Deirdre’s to ensure she’ll be her alibi, before heading off to meet Harry but she panics that she’s overdone the outfit and changes into something more casual. Harry is impressed and moves in for a kiss, but Liz manages to tear herself away before something more can develop.

Sally is delighted when the survey for the Peacocks’ house shows subsidence in the conservatory. Sally tells Claire that the deal is off unless she lowers the price and Claire is gutted.

Becky is sick of drinking on her own and decides Jason has had the silent treatment for long enough. Jason is slow to catch on, but finally realises that he is being invited back to Becky’s. Roy is less than impressed when he returns home to find Becky taking Jason to her bedroom.

Also, Leanne tries to curry favour with Michelle by offering to look after the bar while she spends time with Steve; Paul returns from his solicitor with news about the possible sentence he is facing; Jack is happy to get rid of the stone cladding.