There’s something about Jas…

New Doctor Jas Khella is splitting opinion. Kevin is delighted to see her as she is an old friend from medical school, but Mandy isn’t as convinced and feels blanked by her.

Jas is struggling for money and desperately needs somewhere to live. She asks Kevin if she can sleep on his sofa, but he refuses which irritates her. After witnessing events unfold elsewhere and admiring Jas’s hard work he eventually changes his mind and tells her she can stay at his until she gets herself sorted.

Daniel, overwhelmed by being caught out by Zara yesterday after his affair with Cherry, is looking after baby Joe while Zara is at work. He desperately struggles to keep Joe entertained and rings Zara for help. But she’s sharp with him on the phone, which makes him feel even worse.

Almost in a trance-like state he puts Joe to bed. Hours later when Zara returns, Daniel is standing over Joe’s cot with a sinister look in his eye. She is shocked when she sees he hasn’t changed Joe all day. Is this the beginning of the end for Daniel?