Gossip about John-Paul’s love life is doing the rounds and his sisters are eager to give him the benefit of their advice, but John-Paul is uninterested.

Meanwhile, Sarah is upset to be taking the flak for Hannah and John-Paul’s failed romance and is hurt by Hannah’s nasty comments about her. Later, a surprised Craig finds out that Sarah wasn’t the object of John-Paul’s affections after all…

Students Kris, Zoe, Jessica and Zak are glad to be back together after a traumatic Christmas, but Will’s still behaving strangely, and his frustration grows when Zoe fails to pay him any attention. And when he overhears Zoe saying he’s too overbearing, he furiously starts to hatch a revenge plan against her.

Mercedes and Russ arrive to decorate their new pad only to find the room has already been taken by Freddie. Mercedes decides to make a stand and starts moving her belongings in anyway, only to be manhandled out of the flat.

Later, Freddie and Nancy have a heart to heart as he attempts to comfort her over Becca. And Nancy’s eyes are opened when she’s asked for her objective opinion on Freddie’s latest strip routine.