Ben Stiller hires private eye Matt Dillon to find his high school dream girl (Cameron Diaz) 13 years after their prom date ended in disaster.

However, the sleazy Dillon falls for her himself so doesn’t tell Stiller of her whereabouts and there’s also her pal Lee Evans to worry about.

How much you enjoy this movie depends on how easily you are offended. Writer-directors the Farrelly Brothers are the kings of gross-out comedy and they certainly live up to their reputation with this crude, offensive and utterly hilarious movie.

The hair gel sequence is the stand-out gag, but the dog resuscitation scene and Stiller painfully getting caught in his zip are memorable moments, too.

Stiller, Dillon and Diaz bounce off each other with aplomb and, perhaps surprisingly, there’s also a warm-hearted streak to touch your heart.