As the dramatic wedding day events continue, Shirley comes face-to-face with Phil and Sharon. When the gun that Sharon has been hoarding is brought into the mix, it’s not long before a shot rings out across the Square…

Abi is devastated when Jay confronts her, saying he wants to stay in Walford so it’s best that they split up. Sure that Jay’s feelings for Lola are behind his decision, Abi is furious. Returning home, a tipsy Abi tells Max she wants to leave for Bolton immediately. When Max won’t take her, Abi tries to drive the car herself, accidentally running over her dog Tramp.

Whitney is concerned for Lauren after witnessing Dean’s temper when Lauren told him it was over between them. Lauren tries to get hold of Peter, but can’t contact him. When Whitney suggests to Lauren that she dumped Dean because she’s in love with Peter, Lauren denies it. Cindy brings Lauren a note that Peter has left for his family, revealing he’s packed his bags and he’s leaving Walford to stay with Simon in New Zealand.