There’s trouble at Amy’s party

Amy reluctantly agrees to Michaela’s suggestion that they have a housewarming party. Sasha and Fletch are all for it, but Josh isn’t keen to be around Amy and Ste. At the party, Sarah is shocked to see Tommo lighting a spliff and tells Amy. Ste is forced to throw out his mate, before Josh turns up on the doorstep…

Struggling to come to terms with her relationship break-up, Jacqui sends Mercedes to the flat to find her Maroon 5 tickets, adamant that she doesn’t want Tony to take another girl. Tony is furious when he catches Mercedes in the flat and later, when he spots a morose Jacqui sat in the Jubilee Gardens, he is filled with regret and vows to make things up to her.

Tina is a bundle of nerves as she struggles to cope with Pete’s suggestive attitude towards her. With no one to talk to, Tina feels alone and unable to handle this situation.

Returning from his travels, Elliot is shocked to find someone living in his room and his things replaced by John-Paul’s belongings. After John-Paul reveals that Jess has let his room out, Elliot swears revenge.