There’s trouble at The Diner

Roman and Irene realise they have a problem when a piece of plaster falls from the roof of The Diner and a builder tells them they probably have major earth subsidence. Martha and Morag are forced out of their decaying Diner apartment home, and are taken in by Roman. Looking around, Martha is surprised to see a photo of Roman with his arm around a gorgeous girl.

After his panicked reaction to hearing that Cassie is HIV positive, Alf comes to terms with the news and Cassie is reassured by his promise to be there for her. Later, Cassie is helping out at the collapsing diner, when some of the ceiling falls and cuts her on the head.

Cassie freaks out, fearing that she’s putting others at risk of coming into contact with her blood. When Roman guesses the truth, Cassie is forced to come clean to him. Roman points out that others saw her extreme reaction and she can’t keep her secret forever. Cassie is forced to then reveal all to Irene and Colleen.

Also, Ric is shocked when the garage tells him they have to let him go because they’re struggling financially. But little does he know this is all part of Noel’s plan to force him to fight.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 24*

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