There’s trouble at the garage!

As Mark and Lucas plan an undercover operation to trap Garland, Kate and Sophie think they’re planning something for Kate’s birthday. At the garage, Garland arrives with the car he wants stripping and Mark is with him, pretending to be Rob the mechanic. Lucas wants to keep Billy out of trouble and goes against Mark’s wishes of calling him and telling him to stay away. Mark’s furious and reminds Lucas that Billy’s phone is tapped.

Thinking Kate’s present is at the garage, Sophie persuades her to get in and take a look. However, with Lucas and Mark being secretive, they lock the doors, shutting Kate inside. As the stuff is being loaded onto Garland’s van, Kate’s phone rings and Garland finds her.

Meanwhile, when Michael tries to explain to Tash, she reacts badly, and takes out the hurt caused by Summer and Andrew’s relationship on her dad. When Andrew and Tash talk about what Michael and Rebecca have done, she asks him if he could cheat on someone like that and Andrew says no. Tash knows he’s lying.

Rebecca goes to see people to explain what’s happened before the rumours start flying round. Karl and Susan offer their full support. Playing dirty, Paul arrives with an eviction notice, telling Rebecca he wants her out of Charlie’s in six months.

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