Frankie is oblivious to Jack’s despair as she sets about thinking up ways to get her own back on Louise. Meanwhile, Louise discovers Evissa has been vandalised overnight. Carmel wants to report the damage, but Warren is reluctant to see the police again.

Taking matters into her own hands, Louise confronts Frankie in the Dog, accusing her of damaging Evissa. Frankie denies everything and throws Louise out. Later, when a thug terrorises Frankie in The Dog, she automatically blames Louise and Warren.

Having discovered that Eli has taken revenge on Niall, a fuming Newt confronts Eli over the trouble he’s caused, while Jack wearily admits to Darren that he’s ready to give up the fight for The Dog�

Hannah bumps into a rough-looking Fletch and invites him round for a birthday lunch. Fletch agrees, but Josh is sure he won’t show. But as the family wait for Fletch to arrive, Rhys turns up on the doorstep. As everyone ends up arguing over whether Rhys should be allowed to stay, Fletch feels ignored and sneaks out of the party.

Also, Michaela cheers up when Mike tells her he is impressed with her journalistic instincts and she starts investigating the Evissa story.

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