There’s trouble for Tess

With Abs and the other nurses still working to rule, Tess is understaffed and under pressure and orders Harry to sort things out before A&E suffers. Harry draughts in new nurse Lewis to help and, at first, Lewis seems useful but when patients begin to suffer from unexplained reactions, Tess’s suspicions are raised.

Factory worker Robbie turns up in the ED after falling into a vat of chocolate. When Robbie stops breathing in Lewis’s care, Tess challenges the nurse over his drug chart, and Lewis pins her against the wall injecting her with insulin. Big Mac finds Tess and, as she comes round in resus, security is called and Lewis is taken away.

Elsewhere, Zoe is baffled when a patient seems fine about losing her leg following an accident; Alice and Kelsey tell a few lies while creating their online dating profiles; and Adam goes to a party with an inflatable doll and meets a real woman.

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