Loner Dean is offered a lift by a group of girls and when his dream girl, Orla, injures her neck in the car she’s taken to A&E. When Ruth misdiagnoses Orla, Nadia decides to resign even though it wasn’t her mistake. Later, Dean goes to the Paradice nightclub, where Abs and Kelsey are planning to spend New Year’s Eve.

New doctor Zoe Hanna runs out out of petrol and goes to the nearest house for directions. It’s Dean’s house, and his mother, Kate (played by ex-EastEnder Lindsey Coulson), cries for help having been shot. Zoe rushes Kate to the ED, and impresses everyone by turning up at work a day early to treat the patient.

Kelsey, Abs and Harry’s daughter Kizzy get ready to see in the New Year at the Paradice club, but at the stroke of midnight, a tragedy unfolds…