Theresa admits the truth to Jacqui

Theresa is absorbed with Tony‘s court appearance on Friday and finally admits to Jacqui she lied. Determined to make Tony suffer, Jacqui tells her to keep her mouth shut. Later, after Tony rescues Theresa when she is harassed by Gaz, he decides to take responsibility for his actions and tell the police the truth.

Snowed under with college work, Elliot isn’t impressed with Archie for brewing his own ale for yet another party in halls. Elliot lays into Archie for his thoughtlessness, but is taken aback when he agrees to cancel the party. Later, Elliot is unimpressed to return home to find Archie entertaining some girls. Deciding to play Archie at his own game, Elliot joins them and bores the girls to death, prompting them to leave.

Carmel is surprised when Cindy offers her help for the village nativity, but they’ve both got very different creative ideas, especially when it comes to the lead role. But Carmel is unhappy with Cindy’s plan for a modern twist on the nativity and ends up firing her on the spot.

Also, Leila considers moving out when her mum lets her down.

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