Theresa confesses to Carmel that she killed Calvin. She also tells Myra that Calvin got her pregnant, and had an affair with Mercedes. Carmel’s furious with both Calvin and her conspiring sisters and Myra despairs when she says she wants to put pregnant Theresa in prison. So Carmel decides she’ll keep Theresa’s secret only until the baby is born.

Sasha and Leo aren’t sure how to tell Lauren that doctors have found a blood clot in her head when Val turns up saying she is there to take her daughter to Spain. Carmel arrives at the hospital, fully prepared to tell them about Theresa, but Lauren’s apology gives her cause to think.

Malachy’s ready to leave when Carmel tells him the truth about Calvin’s killer, and he’s stunned that Mercedes knew all along. Mercedes finds her husband and apologises. Malachy’s glad and invites her to escape to Belfast with him.

Also; Cheryl’s looking forward to being the new owner of The Dog, she reluctantly asks for Jack’s help finding a fusebox and the next thing she knows they’re locked in a cupboard. When they finally get out they meet ex-footballer Carl Costello. Cheryl introduces herself as the new owner, but Carl corrects her. He’s bought the place already.

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