Tony is horrified after finding out he’s slept with a schoolgirl and doesn’t know what to do when she bombards him with phone calls and texts. He hopes she’ll get the message when he leaves her a voicemail message to leave him alone, but smitten Theresa is not about to give up. Theresa turns up at Il Gnosh in the hope of a date but Tony harshly insists she leaves and Theresa turns to her family, the McQueens, for support.

Jacqui and Myra are initially sympathetic, but are outraged to hear Theresa has been taken advantage of by an older guy. Jacqui frogmarches Theresa round to the guy’s flat and, to her horror, discovers it’s Tony.

Neville is thrilled when Spike arrives to do a follow-up piece on the pub after the success of the previous night, but Hannah is furious when she realises Spike intends to do another story for the gay community.

Ravi is jealous when Russ gets a text from Nancy and admits to Russ he wants her back. Although Russ wants to protect Nancy, Ravi is determined to tell Nancy he loves her.

Also, Ash employs Anita and Lauren to work for him but they drive a hard bargain.

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