Theresa makes up with Anita

Theresa’s still angry with Anita although she eventually gives in when Anita asks her what’s wrong. Teresa tells her about her rejection letter from the modelling agency but gets angry when Anita turns the conversation back to herself. Theresa feels bad and makes up with her, while Anita’s continues her anorexia lie.

Loretta gets Kris to look after Charlie so she can spend time with Jake. Kris is fed up until Zak suggests off loading Charlie onto Frankie. Nancy joins Kris in The Dog but she’s shocked when Frankie turns up and accuses them both of dumping Charlie. Nancy’s oblivious to what’s gone on and is left heartbroken when Kris decides he’s had enough.

Jacqui’s pleased when Des invites her to go away with him for Christmas. But as soon as he leaves she continues fixing the books in Evissa to make a bit of extra cash. she and Michaela are mid-argument when Des turns up for their afternoon together, and he’s shocked when Michaela reveals what Jacqui’s been up to. Back at home Des decides he’s not going to judge and happily leads her upstairs.

Also; Michaela’s suspicious when she sees Frankie handing over cash to Zak and, knowing nothing of his new job as Frankie’s cleaner, she’s convinced they’re up to something.

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